Englisch – Klasse 9

Schulwoche 33


Schulwoche 32

Week 32 – class and weekly plan

New words


Schulwoche 31

New words

Week 31


Schulwoche 30

New words
Week 30


Schulwoche 29

Week 29

New words


Schulwoche 28

M1 – chapter 1-3 – M/E

Week 28 – M/E


Schulwoche 27 (short week)

Week 27 – ME


Schulwoche 26

Hi everyone (update: April 4, 2022),
unfortunately I won’t be able to be with you this Wednesday so we’ll only be able to start with the book after the break.

These are the exercises for the NEW weekly plan (week 26):

Do at least 4 different exercises from Unit 3’s Stop! Check! Go (you can choose them yourself).
LANGUAGE (GRAMMAR): p. 68 nr. 1: Driving in Ireland
WRITING: p. 69 nr. 2: Writing a CV + nr. 3: Completing a cover letter
READING: p. 70 nr. 4: Catherine Cook: A teenage millionaire
LISTENING: p. 71 nr. 6: Phoning about a job

SPEAKING: p. 71 nr. 7: Talking about jobs

Don’t forget to carefully correct yourself with the solutions:

Stop Check Go – Unit 3

I’ll see you after the break!
– M. Hahn


Hi everyone, from this week on Miss Hahn will take over your classes until Mr. Horn is back. We’ll be reading and analysing a book which I will hand out on Wednesday, so please work on the German and Maths-tasks until then! See you!



Schulwoche 25

WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-3Herunterladen WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-3Herunterladen

Schulwoche 24

WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-2Herunterladen WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-2Herunterladen

Schulwoche 23

WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-1Herunterladen WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-1Herunterladen

Schulwoche 22

Aktualisierter-WP-English-Level-M-and-EHerunterladen Aktualisierter-WP-English-Level-M-and-EHerunterladen reading-1Herunterladen reading-2Herunterladen solutionsHerunterladen

Schulwoche 21

WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-2Herunterladen WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-2Herunterladen

Schulwoche 20

WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-1Herunterladen WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-1Herunterladen

Schulwoche 19

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Schulwoche 18

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Schulwoche 17


Schulwoche 16


Schulwoche 12


Schulwoche 11

Level M/E: Don’t forget the vocab test on Wednesday: p. 231 presentation – p. 215 (just) the two of us


Schulwoche 10

AB-buddy-checkHerunterladen WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-3Herunterladen WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-3Herunterladen

Schulwoche 9

DOCX: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-2Herunterladen WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-2Herunterladen

Schulwoche 8

Niveau G:

-Schreibe die Vokabeln „sacred“ S. 182 – „motivated“ auf S. 183 ab.

–workbook S. 8 Nr. 6 und 7

-workbook S. 9 und 10 (wichtig für den Leistungsnachweis!!!)

-Grammatik Trainer S. 10, 11,

-Grammatik Trainer S. 12 Nr. 5 und S. 13 Nr. 7

DOCX: WP English Level M and E

PDF: WP English Level M and E

Schulwoche 7

DOCX: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-2

PDF: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-2

Schulwoche 6

DOCX: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-1

PDF: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-1-1

Schulwoche 5

WP-Englisch Level G:

-workbook p. 4 ex. 6.

-workbook p. 5 ex. 8, 9

-Grammatik Trainer p. 4 and 5 (Merkkasten abschreiben)

DOCX: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-

PDF: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-

Schulwoche 4

DOCX: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-

PDF: WP-English-Level-M-and-E-

Schulwoche 2


-Schreibe die Vokabeln von “ladies and gentlemen” (S. 181) bis “boarding school” (S.182) + den blauen Kasten ab

-workbook S. 2

DOCX: WP-English-Level-M-1

PDF: WP-English-Level-M-1

Schulwoche 1

DOCX: WP-English-Level-M

DOCX: WP-English-Level-M